The Bad Vibes Club

The Bad Vibes Club is a forum for research into negative states. It hosts talks & lectures, organises performances, reading groups and workshops, and produces videos, digital media, essays and publications.

Founded in 2014 at Open School East, The Bad Vibes Club began as a lecture programme, featuring guests such as Sally O’Reilly, Mark Fisher and Lisa Baraitser, and a regular reading group.

Since then, it has grown into a wide ranging project operating both as a platform for artists and thinkers, and as a collaborative production space for new art and research.

Collaborators and co-curators include Sam Mercer, Matthew Breen, Sophie Mallett, Hamish MacPherson and Beth Bramich.

The Bad Vibes Club has worked with institutions such as ICA London, Barbican London, CCA Derry-Londonderry, MK Gallery, Open School East and Flat Time House.

You can visit The Bad Vibes Club website here, where you can find the archive of talks and events, and subscribe to the podcast.

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